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ART 081(b): 2015-09-20 Why 24 September 2015 CAN NOT be the end of the 7th Shemita, but rather the end of the 6th one! 

FH Pretorius,

The internet is of late full to the brim with stories of 24 September 2015 being the end of the Biblical 7th Sabbatical year [Shemita], and that this will coincide with the event of a fourth ‘blood moon’. The occurrence of this specific blood moon in fact forms the foundation for the argument that the coming 24 September will be the last day of the seventh Sabbatical year. This means that the following day of 25 September 2015 will be the first day of the Jubilee year after the seventh and final Sabbatical period.  As it turns out to be, and this is the reason for the massive big hype about it, this coming Jubilee year also happens to carry a very, very important meaning. This, according to all we know at present, will culminate in the God-given promise of peace and rest for mankind and this is a situation that the world has been praying for for some four thousand years now!

The Jubilee Year in general terms stands for the giving [and attaining] of complete freedom, but this time around it also stands for Christians as the glorious victory of King Jesus over His enemies. It has, in this respect, become more and more evident over the last couple of years that humankind has finally reached the period that the Bible describes as the last days. And the year in which this will happen, in the spirit of the very essence of its meaning, can only be a Jubilee year. It could not possibly occur in any other year, for then the true underlying meaning of the Biblical prophecy regarding the Jubilee [year] will go amiss. This Biblical prophetic meaning really refers to the fact that King Jesus will [one day return to] free us in an absolute and complete way from demonic oppression. However, and this may come as a surprise to many people, it may be a good thing to stay humble and keep in mind that King Jesus will not so much return to ‘save us’, as He will in the first place come to remove Antichrist from his throne. A close reading of the Bible indicates that His main aim is, and has always been, to first and foremost restore Father’s Kingdom here on earth. Our being saved is simply a positive spin-off of this coming campaign.

But it is exactly at this point where certain discordant notes start to appear, and the single most important one is the question: But what about Antichrist then? because the return of Christ is inseparably connected to the appearance and the public career of Antichrist. We can deduce from the Bible that he will appear at the starting point of the seven year period immediately prior to the event of Armageddon, which of course is the absolute culmination point in the return of King Jesus. The aim of this military expedition, after all, is to win Father’s Kingdom back from the clutches of Satan! The problem here is that the seven years of Antichrist have of course not realised to date. As it is we only quite recently became aware of it that the seven years of Antichrist very likely will officially start on 25th September 2015!

This is why I say that 24 September 2015 can only be the end of the 6th Sabbatical year and definitely NOT the end of the 7th one. There is no way we can associate the total freedom King Jesus will bring at Armageddon with the beginning of the reign of Antichrist! Now, that amounts to blatant substitution at its very best! But that also means that the earliest date on which the 7th Shemita can possibly end will be on 24 September 2022, which means that the Jubilee year can only start the day after that. That day will come about because of Jesus’ victory and it will ring in our freedom for at least the next thousand years.

Christians, please start to THINK and understand the effort at work here to deceive us. Our enemies, they who work for Satan, are trying to hi-jack the emotion around the fourth blood moon to lead us to believe that the freedom of the coming Jubilee year is connected to Antichrist!  They are in fact quietly trying to supplant King Jesus here with Antichrist!

I believe that the evil people who planned the starting point of Antichrist’s career built their plans on exactly this foundation! They put a certain [direction of] spin on information and possibilities that at the time were rather ambiguous at best, and in this way quietly managed to create a hype that seems to have become generally accepted as fact. This is the ambiguous and stealthy way they work, and many people actually fell for this and believe them!

Now, the background to this is that the UNO, under the insistence and active guidance of Pope Francis, has decided that 2015 will be THE year to adopt a program for worldwide sustainable development and economic growth. The aim with this, so they say, is to eradicate poverty from the face of earth.  The true aim with this, however, is to grab all power on earth for themselves and their devilish plans!

This program will be tabled and signed during a special two day conference at the UNO in New York from 25th to 26th September 2015. The meeting will officially be opened by the Pope on the morning of 25th September, who incidentally will also address a combined meeting of the American Congress and Senate on the morning before this. I can not imagine what he may have to say to the American government, except maybe to urge them on to accept and to aid what will start happening the very next day.

The existence of this plan is a publicised fact, as is the proposed signing thereof by all the member states of the UNO. The only matter still outstanding here is the name of the person who will oversee and manage this project.  This person will probably, for reasons that are not really important for this article, be a devout Roman Catholic and a favourite of Pope Francis, and he will also be of high noble German birth. He will have to be what mythology calls a ‘demigod’ to fulfill the destiny that he was born for. This won’t be strange for those who understand it, for according to the information in the Bible King Jesus Himself was also a so-called demigod. What we see here is simply that peer will take on peer in this great battle of the Biblical last days. This incidentally is also one of the reasons why Jesus indicated that He will come and fight the battle without our help. We cannot reasonably become directly involved there as we really are way out of our depth here!

Anyway, this person will have to be a strong enough leader to override objections and even to take the lead forcefully if necessary. But he will also, at the same time, need to be a diplomat of extraordinary capabilities to avoid unnecessary conflicts with the various heads of state that he will work with. He will therefore have to be a well-known, a much respected and widely accepted statesman. He will have to be a seasoned international politician who understands the political process and how to set up and close political deals on that level.

The appointment of this person will also differ from that of other statesmen and women in one important aspect. The heads of state over whom he will rule through the various committees and processes at the UNO have all been elected in a democratic way, even if only nominal in nature. He, however, will rather be appointed in a totally undemocratic way. This can easily be done by having a committee of ‘select people’ at the UNO appoint him as a full-time employee and director of a ‘special project’. Once he has been installed nobody will be able to get rid of him again. I suspect that most of his work will be done behind the scenes anyway, just like any other ‘normal’ ambassador, and we will only hear from time to time of his successes.

But the UNO itself will also undergo a change now. Once the member states of the UNO have signed the plan into existence its charter will also change to become the long awaited One World Government with this new leader sitting quietly at its head. He will of necessity become the new leader, as the proceedings on 25-26 September 2015 will actually bring about that all heads of state will have to sign their autonomy and power away to him. He simply will have to be endowed with these very special executive powers, for how else will he be able to administer the project and muster the assets he will need to make it work? The bonus point for them is that the hidden agenda of world dominance behind the plan is guaranteed to work because it is underwritten by the big and rich countries of the world. As it is the world leaders who will subscribe to this plan are all active supporters of the idea of a One World Government, and the plan to erect this new One World Government under our noses was actually concocted by them.

And this, all of it, corresponds exactly with the warning signs we received through the prophecies about Antichrist in the Bible. The Bible states that he will come to power in a devious way and that he will be a terrific diplomat for the first three years and six months of his reign because he will forge ‘a strong bond with many’. He will, in other words, voluntarily be placed in complete command and control of all the governments in the world by the very leaders of the world!

Frik Pretorius.


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